Sage Mountain


Zoned A-70 for San Diego County, a favored residential/agricultural zoning that has some relaxed requirements for very light business associated with agriculture.

Building: Each Lot can have a main house and an accessory dwelling. The current housing crisis has expanded the residential use in most areas to include a second home, not more than 30% of the size of the main home. These can be for family members or rented. San Diego County has an owner-builder provision, allowing a homeowner to build using sub-contractors, without the necessity of a supervising general, thus keeping the cost down.

All lots have met or exceeded percolation testing standards for the County (Seller has reports)

Well permit for well on lot 31 was approved and issued by the County of San Diego.

Contours of the rough-graded roads may have to be changed depending on the ultimate use of the property.

Agriculture: Horticulture (all types), tree crops, row and field crops, and including limited packing and processing. Agriculture Sales & Service – Veterinary Large Animal & Veterinary Small animal

Wineries: In addition, there has recently been an expansion of the agricultural A-70 zoning to allow small wineries, boutique wineries and wholesale limited winery – Per Section 6910 of the San Diego County Zoning Code. This places certain limits on the amount of wine, the constituent grape, and the amount of land on which the operation is conducted.

A vineyard has recently been established at a similar S-facing location but on the N. side of the Hill, away from the cooler ocean breezes.

For more information consult San Diego Vintners Association at

Included in the sale of the Property are two very clean 20’ metal shipping containers, one of which contains the tools and equipment for maintaining the land, including DR woodchipper and rock jack.