Sage Mountain


The entire area in which SAGE MOUNTAIN is located is late Jurassic/early Cretaceous Mesozoic granitic rock, containing some adamelite, granodiorite, tomalite and diorite (per California Geologic Map). Elevation is approx. 1500' above sea level.

Rock FormationThe property is appointed with numerous curiously shaped rocks and boulders as a result of glacial morain activity believed to be from the last Ice Age. Just one of these huge rocks cost thousands of dollars to purchase, deliver and install for landscaping purposes.

Taking advantage of these rock features, the Owner has rockscaped a large central rockfall, which can be watered to create a flow along the rockface into two ponds with solar-operated fountains, which in turn lead to a California river rock and pebble dry ‘stream bed’ lined with copper, which gives the hint of water below.

Cougar StatueIn addition, at the boundary between Lot 30 & 31, the owner has created a natural rock and cactus garden, xeriscaping with a few indestructible cacti, the rare native California peony and black eyed susans. One of the best views of the ocean, and in particular the sunset, is from the bench which is guarded by a bronze sculptured cougar on an adjacent rock.