Sage Mountain


Off-the Grid Water

The owner has installed an 890’ well with a heavy-duty 3HP pump, which is designed to pump up to 9 gpm on a 400’ rise. (To Lot 30). The pump is currently powered by a gas generator, but a solar generator has recently come on the market that will have the same capacity. The well is on Lot 31, and pumps up to Lot 30. The well has produced water without problems since its installation in 2010, and is housed in a stylish, secure well-house with concrete pad.

Gravity Flow System

In addition to the well pumps, there are two 370 gal. green round water tanks into which the water is pumped via generator, then gravity-fed via four separate irrigation sections: the sage plantation, the rockfall area, the western landscaping (four separate valves for distinct irrigation areas) and the easterly landscaping (four valve capacity, not all used).

Public Utility: - Padre Dam

There is an easement on the west side of Lot 42 for a main lateral for Padre Dam, the local utility. The main lateral is installed and could provide water to any and all of the lots, with each parcel requiring a separate meter. Under California water sharing law, no meter is available without an application for a building permit.

In addition, Lots 31 & 30 are served by a different easement to the north, to the Padre Dam water lines in La Cresta Heights Road.


Available above ground or underground from La Cresta Road, and possibly from the N. La Cresta Heights Rd.

Owner has installed a building-code compliant conduit at more than 2’ depth up the center of Sage Mountain, so whether the hook-up is made from the S. or the N. the hook-ups can be made without the use of unsightly wires and poles on the property.

Cable TV & Telephone are at the Street – La Cresta Road